The Museum of rare minerals in Probishtip, Republic of Macedonia

The Museum of Rare Minerals in Probishtip, Republic of Macedonia has an an exceptional mineralogical collection and is first museum of such type in the country, This unique mineralogical assortment features a diverse array of rare minerals and rocks.

Spanning 108 square meters, the crystal museum proudly showcases a collection of over 250 minerals gathered over several decades from the Osogovo massif and its surrounding regions.

Following World War II, substantial mineral-geological research led to the unearthing of well-preserved archaeological artifacts, including tools, wooden tubs, and leather bags (15th-17th century AD) used in mining and transporting ore to smelting facilities.

Noteworthy among the ancient remnants are two reliefs discovered in an abandoned underground passage, dating back to the 2nd and 3rd century AD. One relief depicts the ancient god Hercules (Heracles), the guardian of miners and metallurgists, wielding a mace. The second relief portrays a miner holding a hammer and wedge, providing a glimpse into the mining practices of that era.

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