Mystical Macedonia: an open air museum

Have you ever visited Macedonia?

The name of this country is the oldest surviving name of a country in Europe. Macedonia abounds with cultural heritage and natural resources. The ancient mountains, lakes and rivers of Macedonia, together with the archaeological sites and the fantastic cuisine are making this country one of the most wanted destinations for experienced tourists and curious researchers of the cultural heritage. In this book you have an opportunity to read and learn more about:

The Touristic Potential of Macedonia

The Touristic Attractions of Macedonia

Macedonia Through The Ages: Prehistory

Macedonia Through The Ages: Antiquity

The Legacy Of King Alexander Of Macedon

Byla Zora, Heraclea & Stobi

The Ancient Theaters

Early Christianity & Late Antiquity

The Old Fortresses

The Story Of King Marko Of Macedonia

Ohrid – The Spiritual Capital Of Macedonia

Kratovo – One Of The Oldest Cities In Europe

Only The Sun Is Older Than Macedonia

….and at the end of this book you can view the photo album with 37 photos from MACEDONIA..

Mystical Macedonia Book 1: An Open Air Museum [International edition – hardcover/paperback]

Mystical Macedonia: An Open Air Museum

[Australian edition – premium color paperback]

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