Kratovo, Macedonia | One Of The Oldest Cities In Europe

Macedonia is a country that abounds in natural resources and cultural heritage. Almost every city in Macedonia is located on a site where a settlement existed before, often even before our era. In the northeastern part of the Republic of Macedonia is the city Kratovo, one of the biggest silent witnesses of the cultural heritage in Europe. On the territory where today’s city is located, there has been a settlement since ancient times. The rich mineral resources were used in antiquity, the Roman and early Christian periods, but also in the Middle Ages. The city of towers and bridges is a real open-air museum, which amazes with its medieval architecture.

Many pages have been written about Kratovo in travelogues, books, newspapers, magazines and reports. Preserved old books, photographs and video recordings show the interest in this city in the last century. The mainstream story is that the city has its name because it is settled in a big crater, but the Macedonians are telling one more story, which is so exciting because it links this city with the glorious Macedonian empire from antiquity. According to some researchers, this city was built by the legendary general from the phalanx of Alexander of Macedon, Craterus.

Kratovo is known not only for its mines, towers and bridges, but also because of the beautiful old churches and the rich history. One of the people who left a mark and was remembered for eternity was the saint George of Kratovo.

The rich mines of Kratovo region were attracting many armies and conquerors in the past. This Macedonian city was known as the city of gold and wealth.

The old masons built very durable houses in Kratovo that can still be seen today. Each neighborhood has its own special architectural features. Construction in Kratovo testifies to the ancient knowledge of Macedonian masters. The city architecture in Kratovo is a typical old-town Macedonian architecture.

Under Kratovo there is a network of tunnels that connects the towers and bridges with other locations. Today, in the 21st century, parts of underground corridors can still be seen in the city and its surroundings. Under many old houses there are cellars that are part of those old underground passages, and many of the tunnels are buried.

Kratovo is one of the oldest cities in the world. Many travel writers, scientists, writers, foreign and native authors have written about Kratovo. Kratovo amazes with its authenticity, which attracts more and more tourists and scientists. Preserved buildings, houses, bridges, towers, mine shafts, tunnels and churches represent not only significant cultural, but also great economic resources.

The city of ancient mining, gold and alchemy is settled on top of an ancient volcanic crater. Here, the legends and traditions of the past, as strong as the buildings of the old masters, have endured through the centuries.

Visit Kratovo, the city that is a living witness of Macedonian tradition and culture.

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