Alexander of Macedon: The Son of Philip and Olympia – Lion of Macedon

Who is the one whose name was remembered by the world from ancient times to this day? About whom have the most books been written in human history? What was the hero like who from his youngest days began to conquer with wisdom? Where did the man come from, about whom humanity has been writing, translating, thinking and inventing for more than 2300 years… a great man, King of an Empire that spanned three continents, a supreme military leader and a philosopher about whom much is known, yet, no one knows where his grave is located…he reportedly died about 40 days before his 33rd birthday. A Macedonian from Macedonia. King of the Great Macedonian Empire. His name is ALEXANDER! King Alexander of Macedonia.

Let those who speak ill of Alexander not forget his good deeds and exploits, but first of all let them ask themselves about their own life, and compare the time given to them on this earth with just one day in the life of Alexander the Great, the king from Macedonia whose name became famous for eternity. In his day and in the centuries that followed, there was neither a nation nor a city that did not know the name of Alexander of Macedonia. His name is mentioned in the Bible, the Koran and the Talmud, in the old books of all European, almost all Asian and some African countries. Legends about him are still being told all over the world. He is the man whose life recounted in books was a more revered story than the religious books as well. Alexander the Great was, is and will be an inspiration for countless works of art, sculptures, engravings and monuments. A Macedonian from Macedonia, son of Philip and Olympia, King of the Macedonian Empire. The first among equals in Macedonia, a ruler and leader who set the example for the unification of the world through culture and science. The Romans called him Magnus, the Great. Muslims still tell stories about “Zul Qarnain” – the one with the two horns. Iskandar, Shandor, Sikandar, Skanda, Babajan… his name is omnipresent. The Macedonian King Alexander left an indelible mark on humanity and, with his life and work, set an example for a world empire founded on moral and philosophical principles, achieving statesmanship and human success that was and remains unsurpassed.